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All-in-one platform that sources, vets, and manages international teams at scale.

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Hiring international
top talent is hard


Hiring international
top talent is hard

Vetting Volume: Screening a large volume of applicants is logistically challenging and very time-consuming.

Global Compliance: International employment laws and regulations requires international subsidiaries.

International Payroll: Global payroll complexities arise from varying regulations and currency fluctuations.

We make it easy

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Erin Frey

Founder & CEO

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"SS Ventures changed how we find, hire, and manage exceptional international talent, driving our business forward as we scale."

Your right hand to build top teams

We solve the complexity and time intensity of hiring and managing international talent.

1. Describe your hire

With natural language describe the skills for your next hire and get deeply vetted options in seconds.

2. Review and Interview

Review candidates, access their vetting results, and arrange interviews in a few clicks.

3. Hire and Manage

Global compliance, logistics, and more taken care of with just a few clicks, all in one place. Enjoy a free trial per hire.

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Roger Vaca

Sr. Full Stack Engineer

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"SS Ventures offers community, transparency, and great opportunities. Its young, vibrant culture is extremely motivating."

Simple, fast, and efficient process

All-in-one platform that sources, vets, and manages international teams at scale.

Top Talent at Half the Cost

Hire and manage deeply vetted talent at a fraction of the cost. We don't overcharge companies or underpay talent; we are built on transparency.

International Compliance

We manage all compliance for your global team in their home countries. You conduct business with a US entity, and we handle the international compliance headache.

Monthly Global Payroll

We handle monthly payroll for your international team. Receive monthly invoices and set up automatic payments in your dashboard.

Free Trial Per Talent

Enjoy one week free trial per talent with no risk.

Hire Talent

AI-Powered vetting

We vet candidates at scale through coding challenges, quizzes, and simulated interviews.

  • imageHard Technical Skills

    Coding challenges in our built-in IDE with screen recording, followed by quizzes to test problem-solving skills in real time.

  • imageSimulated Interview

    Realistic job simulations where talent interacts with our LLM, which tailors questions based on their background, technologies and key projects.

  • imageSoft Skills Interview

    Successful candidates undergo a final human review and background checks to ensure they meet our high standards before certification on our platform.

There is a whole world out there. Why not hire anywhere?

Hire inspired, product-oriented engineers in your time-zone with experience in over 100+ technologies.

  • Bolivia
  • Brasil
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Paraguay


SS Ventures is an AI recruitment engine that simplifies finding, hiring, and managing vetted global talent. Consider us your Global HR platform, enabling you to find, hire, and manage global talent with just a few clicks.
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